Our Story

WHO WE ARE - We are a registered charity and non-profit organization initially founded on September 11, 2017. We are built on a love for humanity and a desire to see people live longer and healthier lives. We are at the forefront of providing the latest health technology to the African continent through research, innovation and partnership, telemedicine and patient e-database. We have a strong network of volunteers in various towns and cities in sub-Saharan Africa and a dedicated health team.

As a charity we support individuals and groups through financial support and health based donations.

April 2nd every year is celebrated as our anniversary, while February 9th each year is Victoria Oyiya Day.

VISION - to supply cutting-edge medical and health devices and developing health artificial intelligence(AI) in Africa. Through telehealth, medical missions and partnerships, we hope to provide training and expertise to local health professionals while also reaching residents of these under-served communities.

MISSION - organize health awareness and advocacy campaigns in both urban and rural areas, in partnership with various organizations.

Alleviate poverty by supporting youths and women in sub-Saharan communities through menstrual hygiene product and health supply donations.

To encourage preventive health through providing access to professional care without barriers via telehealth.

OUR IMPACT - so far we have been able to reach and touch the lives of thousands of youths and women through our community and social media campaigns in sub-Saharan Africa you can catch a small glimpse through our social media pages.

The organization is named after Late Victoria Oyiya Nsa(nee Brown), one of the most successful businesswomen to come out of Port Harcourt in southern Nigeria. An Ibani-speaking Ijaw woman and indigene of Grand Bonny in the Niger Delta region of sub-Saharan Africa.

Victoria Oyiya was born on 9th February 1929 in Bonny to the Brown family and Bristol Alagbariya Royal family(acclaimed founders of Grand Bonny). She was the only child of her mother after the loss of her only brother at a very early age. By marriage she is related to the Igbos of South East Nigeria and the Efik of Cross River State Nigeria. As a young woman, she had multiple early pregnancy miscarriages. She was also known to be very passionate about healthcare.

She formed the first women’s cooperative organization in her community in Finima. She was a foremost feminist and advocate for women’s rights. She was the owner of the first Port Harcourt Airport Hotel and a chain of hotels and serviced apartments under the name Victoria Oyiya Hotels in old Port Harcourt. As a politician, she contested for Local Government chairmanship in the 2nd Republic on the platform of the Social Democratic Party(SDP) that had Chief MKO Abiola as a presidential aspirant.

She won many awards, including the Young Women’s Christian Association Lifetime Award post -humously.

She died due to complications of Diabetes Mellitus on the 2nd of April, 1996.