About Us

WHO WE ARE - We are a registered charity and non-profit organization founded on September 11, 2017  built on a love for humanity and a desire to see people live longer and healthier lives. We are at the forefront of providing the latest health technology to the African continent through research, innovation and partnership. We also provide telemedicine consults(Online Doctors) and patient e-database services.

VISION - to supply cutting-edge medical and health devices and developing health artificial intelligence(AI) in Africa. Through telehealth, medical missions and partnerships, we hope to provide training and expertise to local health professionals while also reaching residents of these under-served communities.

MISSION - organize health awareness and advocacy campaigns in both urban and rural areas, in partnership with various organizations.

Alleviate poverty by supporting youths and women in sub-Saharan communities through menstrual hygiene product and health supply donations.

To encourage preventive health through providing access to professional care without barriers via telehealth.

OUR IMPACT - so far we have been able to reach thousands of youths and women through our community and social media campaigns in sub-Saharan Africa.