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TeleHealth Doctors 

Skip the waiting room, speak or chat with our doctors from anywhere you are for non-emergent concerns

Counselling and Therapy

Because positive energy brings positivity to you and negative energy brings negativity, your state of mind and behaviours have a huge effect on your family, friends, relationships, job and even ability to make money or attract good things in your life.

Whatever the circumstance, we are there for you. 

Let us set you on a positive path.

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Diet, Nutrition and Weight Management

What you eat has a huge effect on your body shape and weight, what your body looks like most times has an effect on your image of yourself and self-esteem.

Let us get you back to feeling good about yourself and your body.

Whether it is a struggle with finding the right food choices or meal plans that are not boring and tasteless or diet management in certain health conditions or you are just trying to lose or add some weight, we have got you covered

Latest health news and events

Stay updated on our various events, health articles, interviews and community activities

Support a Cause

Your donation will not only put a smile on an adolescent girl's face today, but it will go a long way in supporting our volunteers and projects in the community

Health 'Evangelism'

Our members and volunteers periodically hit the markets, schools and streets for health awareness campaigns through the support of our partners and friends.

Our Members

For our volunteers and members, health awareness is a passion

The People

Every life and every smile counts for us as we touch lives one by one through our community outreach, health campaigns and charity donations